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  1. Vistor enters the letters they see on the flash captcha device.
  2. The Flash Captcha device sets the Captcha Answer.
  3. (hidden field)
  4. Push to send the Captcha Answer. for verification.
  5. Optionally push to reset Vistor and start over.
It's the easiest Captcha to use, for you and for your visitors.

    Many unique features

  • Different fonts, colors and voices
  • Case insensitive,
  • Five strikes out for each image
  • Three strikes out of page
  • Friendly messages in a variety of languages
  • Filtering based on domain
  • User help
  • Obscure letter removal.
  • After verification image
  • Audit logs

    Free to use on your website or blog:

1. Copy the Source Text for the device below into your HTML page, served from your own site.
2. Collect the captcha_answer and post it back to us, See server side code examples in PHP, Java ASPX Perl, Python Ruby.
3. Check the response. A HTTP 200 OK indicates a human, and a HTTP 500 Error indicates a nasty robot.

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